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For most clients selling a business is a one-time event in their lives. Your ability to guide them through the process ...

Chris Kindness, Partner
Greenwood, Ohlund & Co., LLP

Proverbs 10:9 People with integrity have firm footing but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall.


Mark Hockman, CEO/OwnerDear Bob;

I want to send you this letter of appreciation and expression of my satisfaction for your service to me that went beyond my expectation.

When I asked you to come aboard and help me organize my operation, I envisioned a standard consulting relationship where you would observe, gather information and advise. However, your service to me was far from a typical advisory service. You quickly became a member of my management team and adhered to the strategic and market challenges at hand. Understanding now the shortness of time we had to operate in, this was critical to ensuring our success.

I also appreciate that you were not swayed by my personal bias, but assessed the situation objectively before advising. Once we learned that our best course of action was the disposition of my business you effortlessly shifted gears and adjusted our strategy to accommodate our new goals.

Selling our family business of 78 years was not an easy endeavor, but clearly needed to be done. Throughout the process you showed me sensitivity and understanding as I went through the process of letting go, as well as your leadership in areas that were challenging for me to be objective and clear minded.

Our successful course of action had much to do with the fact I had you leading my team, and I look forward to recommending you to anyone I know who is facing a company reorganization and/or disposition.

Mark Hockman, CEO/Owner
Green Garden Foods, Inc

Gary Vowels, Founder/Former CEOWhen I decided to sell my company, I assumed a broker would be all that would be needed to help me locate a buyer and take care of the other details associated with selling. My assumptions were supported by many of the brokers I interviewed.

Fortunately, I was introduced to Bob King early on in my business selling project. Before engaging Bob, he took the time to explain the process of getting to a successful sale. He told me that selling a business, if done correctly, involves almost every area of the company such as accounting, production, sales and others. I quickly discovered that the overhead associated with involving key staff in the selling process could nearly shut down my business at a very critical time.

What I really needed but, being a small business, didn’t have, was someone like a COO to manage the many processes associated with selling, so that the rest of management could continue to focus on running the business. As I learned, Bob had designed a professional services practice to assist companies like mine fill the need for the many tasks performed by a COO, but on a short-term basis. In my case, from locating a buyer to distributing the sale proceeds, Bob used his comprehensive business experience and hard work to make everything happen in a timely and mutually satisfying way for both the buyer and me.

My heart-felt thanks go out to Bob for helping me reach a successful conclusion to one of the most important projects of my business career.

Gary Vowels, Founder/Former CEO
Courts OnLine

Ingrid Lee, ControllerI had the pleasure of working in tandem with Bob during the process of a business sale. Without his expertise, strategic leadership and faithful guidance, the success of the company sale would not have been possible. Bob’s professionalism, integrity and graciousness made me want do my best every day and left a void in my day when the deal was done. Bob’s the BEST!!

Ingrid Lee, Controller
Green Garden Foods, Inc

Chris Kindness, Partner   Hi Bob,
It has been a pleasure working with you on two projects over the past few months. Your business knowledge and ability in assisting clients to receive top dollar for their business is very valuable. For most clients selling a business is a one-time event in their lives. Your ability to guide them through the process brings piece of mind with the knowledge that you are taking care of their best interests.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Chris Kindness, Partner
Greenwood, Ohlund & Co., LLP

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